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Hi fellow travellers!

It's been a while since we first started the official Wander onboarding process. We are more than thrilled to launch as soon as possible as you are and striving to provide our soon-to-be users a chance to meet new interesting travel mates around the world and make their trips more fun and enjoyable.

We've decided to start this project as we are committed to connect worldwide travellers, tourists, female or male solo travellers, people going on a family trip, adventure lovers, sunday city hikers, or, more generally, just anyone that loves exploring and visiting places - be it their local tourist attraction, a holiday overseas, or an outdoor activity abroad - in fact, literally anyone planning to visit somewhere or even just planning a local hangout nearby such as a daily trip is more than welcome to join!

Furthermore, we firsthand experienced what other travellers are experiencing across the world : to find it quite challenging and time consuming to join someone to travel with - as of today, we believe there's not quite really an adequate platform that effectively makes it possible for us to find travel mates in the most resolute and fastest way and by matching someone's needs or criteria for their trips.



That's exactly where Wander will come to help: it will allow people to instantly get in touch with others planning to go at the same place you're planning to, at the same date.

Here are some practical examples:


For istance, let's suppose you live in the busy yet fascinating city of New York and you're up to a weekend getaway of relaxation far from the metropolitan hustle and bustle, perhaps you'd enjoy a 2 day trip to Albany and experience its vibrant architecture and atmosphere, exploring cozy streets and whatever has to offer; you've called every single friend and asked them to join you, however they all got plans for those days; panic not! Just open up the Wander app, select Albany as destination, preferred date of travel, and whether you'd like to join a single person travelling there or be part of a group, that's it! Wander connects you to local or international people visiting Albany at those dates. All you have to do is select the person/group that best fits you and your travel plans, send them a join trip request, and wait for them to accept it. Once done, you're good to plan every trip details together! Decide what you're up to, exact place of meeting, and more.


You're all excited as vacations approach. You've booked your flight to Bali and you'd like to connect to other tourists/travellers heading there in order to explore the island together and have fun throughout the stay, or maybe you're travelling there with your whole family or with your significant one. With Wander, you can get in touch beforehand with other couples/solo travellers/families and enjoy your vacation together!


You don't have enough time or the chance to depart somewhere, but you'd still like to meet up with people from all over the world: nothing easier! Just check-in in your city and be the local guide for international people visiting there, and create new meaningful long-lasting relationships.



Wander app - Find your ideal travel partner

You're a outdoor activities lover: create your own hiking group for that long-awaited trek on the Himalayas! Or get a skydiving experience in Dubai with your fellow travel mates. There's really no limit to your own creativity!

Create your own travelling group, or join others

With Wander, you'll be matched to like-minded people to explore together the world. Scroll through the search results and find the perfect match for you. If you wish to join their trips, all you'll need to do is sending them a request. If checked-in people do not fit you, or nobody has checked in to your destination yet, create your own trip by checking in first at that place. Other people planning to head there will discover you on search results, and if they like your profile and trip plan, they can send you a request for you to accept or decline. Once you accept a request or other solo individuals accept yours, you guys will appear as a group on search results, and other people interested in joining a group can contact you in order to join the trip. Keep in mind that only the trip creator has the authority to decide who will take part to the trip and who can't, as well as further removing partecipants that have been accepted into the group already.

Changing the way world travellers connect

By making it easier for people travelling to connect together, Wander is aiming to create a worldwide community of like-minded people and a place where to meet up, share own stories and travel adventures, and make new genuine friends from all over the world.This is why it is an important step for us to build a worldwide seamless network of people loving everything related to travel, just as adventurous and intrepid as you are.

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