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Wander Blog - A few useful trips to help you overcome travel procrastination

Many times, one can find himself stuck and uncertain, and unable to make key decisions, when traveling somewhere. This is totally understandable, especially for first-timers or when exploring places never visited before.

If you're dealing with hesitation and procrastination, taking the right time to work out a solution may help.

Nowadays, with so many distractions and things to look after taking over, it becomes inevitable to fall prey to procrastination and delay episodes, especially when being involved in any form of multitasking process. Indeed, one of the worst things that can happen is burning out. There are plenty of reasons to consider behind voluntary procrastination, most of them include failing to take on their own duties and responsibilities; being too afraid to face an event or a task, which can bring one to indefinitely postpone it, out of fear or anxiety, being itself the cause of this behavior; or maybe because mowing the lawn or sweeping your home floor is just too boring!


We've collected a few tips and hacks for you to check out that might help you, in order to successfully get back in control of your productive time and manage this often destructive attitude for your work and health.

1. Set your goals and adhere to timelines

Wander Blog - A few useful trips to help you overcome travel procrastination


In many instances, procrastination episode derive from a lack of proper organization and task planning. Setting various goals to your schedule, and sticking to them, will let you process events more clearly about your to-do tasks, and let you focus on one specific thing at the time, allowing you to recuperate and save precious time that you will be able to dedicate towards something else. For these circumstances, technology can come handy.


To help you come along with your daily tasks, there are a few interesting mobile apps like Todoist and Focus that can successfully help you track down your progress and organize everything that matters - from work related schedules to the smallest reminder - assisting you towards a more productive and efficient management of your day time, and streamlining your routine.


Another important aspect not to underestimate when trying to be more operative is being able to perform a task within a set amount of time. If you don't want any episode where you think procrastination, hesitation or delays could occur, then the best thing to do is to shut down everything that makes you distracted, is not task-related, and that moves you further away from completing the due assignment.

2. Don't do it tomorrow - today is the day!

Wander Blog - A few useful trips to help you overcome travel procrastination


Who knows what tomorrow holds? That's why it is always a good idea not to postpone tasks to the following day. Taking a deep breath, clearing your mind, and, why not, even taking a short meditation sessions, are all effective methods that will help getting you in the right mood and mental status to start off your duties. Most often, delaying it will produce more harm than good in the long run.   


"Today" is an extremely powerful word. It could be the difference between you spending years not achieving what you're really shooting for, and you turning the world upside down. What about setting a goal today and actually deciding to commit to it? Of course, you'll have a better time trying to stick to it. It only takes one decision!

3. Outside world off, focus mode on


In modern days' world, made of over stimulation, constant social media notifications, and short attention spans, it may be extremely easy to fall pray to distraction issues which in turn can severely impact your decision making, and further contribute to procrastination episodes.


If you are seriously committed in getting rid of any sort of this and unleash your true potential, one of the most beneficial things you can do is literally turn yourself in airplane mode, and do not let anyone or anything distract you or hamper your focus. Successful people are focused  people, and lock in to the task in front of them. Simple steps such as making sure your room door is shut the proper way, making yourself unavailable for calls, turning off notifications and social media, can be of great aid. With the average adult spending more than 1 and half hour daily on social, it is no wonder why so many around the world suffer  procrastination. Just imagine if you could replace this somehow wasted time with completely focused time!

So, next time you get stuck with any kind of delays and hesitation, we'd want you to go over all the above points and reflect on some of the ways you change yourself for the better!

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