6 activities travelers can do while
waiting out the pandemic

By Wander Team | 5 minutes read

Wander Blog - 6 activities travelers can do while waiting out the pandemic

There are many of us who miss our travel forays into this picturesque world since COVID hit.. we can't wait for some semblance of normality, and the lifting of the travel bans, that will enable us to step out of our homes, and travel, to see and check on our extended family, or visit some interesting locations.

With the pandemic keeping us indoors for over a year now, we all know and have come to acknowledge and accept that the world is now changed forever. Things we used to do pre-pandemic, will never be the same. But, as human beings, we are adaptable creatures and stubborn too. We will find newer ways to travel, be safe, and enjoy this beautiful world around us. We will create new memories, new experiences, learn and grow in the process.

While in the waiting game however, we have devised and organised few activities to do. Check it out and see if they would be of value to you.

1. Learn photography

Wander Blog - 6 activities travelers can do while waiting out the pandemic


When we travel, some of us have the tendency to give complete democracy to our camera. Complete freedom, which means, you will easily find us clicking our camera away at everything and nothing in particular. Yet, most of us are not expert photographers. In the midst of the pandemic, we have the choice to discover and enhance our photography skills, professionally. You can do it too!

1. There are many options on the internet, you can easily find some interesting courses online and start practicing in and around your home. We believe you will improve and will be ready to capture beautiful moments as you travel.

2. Experiment with lighting, still paintings, colors, black and white.

3. Try a mentor, someone who knows more than you and is willing to teach you.

4. Learn about angles, twists you can play with to create unique pictures.

5. Think of your style and hone it.

6. Ask for critique, join a community, share your pictures. Make the change and improve.

7. As your skills evolve, start investing in high quality equipment.

2. Work on unfinished projects

Wander Blog - 6 activities travelers can do while waiting out the pandemic


When traveling, many people capture their experiences either by taking a lot of pictures, or by writing a diary or both. We plan to create a scrapbook or a memoir. But when we get back home, our everyday routine gets in the way and these projects end up getting shelved and maybe even forgotten.

With no distractions right now, like meeting friends, having a party, going to restaurants or movies, maybe it is time to focus on these forgotten projects.

1. Write that travel blog or book that you always wanted to.

2. Create Youtube videos with personal clips and share them with the world. There is an added benefit of helping others before their journey and maybe even creating a side income.

3. Create a photo album or photo book and put it on your digital photo frame or on your TVs chromecast background.

4. Choose a wall in your home, buy some fancy photo frames, get some photos developed, and display them. Create a theme.

5. Make video highlights of your travel and share on Instagram/ Tiktok.

6. This is the time to organize your collection of souvenirs from all around the world and find places around your home to display them.

7. Buy a map of the world and put it up on the wall. Use push pins or flags to indicate all the countries you have already visited. This would be an ongoing, fun project for the kids as well. 

3. Get healthy and trim up

Wander Blog - 6 activities travelers can do while waiting out the pandemic


Take time to create that person you would like to see in your pictures on your next trip.

1. There are so many apps that can help you exercise. Yoga, pilates or kickboxing. Whatever you like, even just a walk around the neighborhood, or hiking the local trails, find what you enjoy and what gives you peace.

2. What time is good for you to do that? Are you an early riser? Then choose mornings. Are you busy throughout the day, and only get free in the evening? Take an hour long walk then. What is important is that you do it consistently, day in and day out.

3. Add some weights to your exercise regime.

4. Watch what you put in your mouth.

5. You could go further- Find out your BMR, your TDEE, calculate your calories, and stick to them.

6. Find out the rules and regulations in your area, see if you qualify, and get yourself vaccinated. 

4. Refresh equipment

Wander Blog - 6 activities travelers can do while waiting out the pandemic


Take stock of your travel gear, gadgets and other equipment.

1. Look at your existing items. Maybe you bought them online in a hurry before going on a trip, and realized that it did not serve you well. Maybe, this is the time to refresh them or invest in a newer model. Maybe something broke the last time you used it, and needs to be replaced. So, take this time to check on your existing gear and upgrade as required.

2. Segregate your closet, keep things that you would need to travel, for eg. swimsuits; in a separate drawer. Organizing now will help you pack fast and easy for future trips.

3. Now is also the time to check the status of your luggage. Give it a nice overhauling… clean it up, check for tears, broken zippers and fix them. Or maybe it is time to discard them altogether and go for a new one. Last trip, you realized your cabin baggage was a tad bit big and sometimes the airline authorities made it go into the check in… so, it looks like it is time to buy a smaller cabin bag.

4. Check your toiletries. Make your life comfortable by packing a few essentials like toothbrush, toothpaste, basic skincare, SPF, band-aid, pain meds etc., in a separate bag. Then, you don't have to go collecting these things for every trip, you just pick the bag. If you like the idea, use this time to create it. For those who already have it, check this bag. Make sure it is all clean and ready for the next trip.

5. Yes, you cannot travel right now, but that doesn't mean that some of your gear cannot be used locally or even around the house. Look for creative ideas.

5. Learn a new language

Wander Blog - 6 activities travelers can do while waiting out the pandemic


In today's world, with so many opportunities right at the tip of your fingertips, this can easily be achieved with just a few clicks of a button and right in your home.

1. Look for language courses on the internet.

2. If you plan to travel to Paris, learn French.
You do not have to be absolutely fluent, but at least enough to understand and have a decent enough conversation. This will also transfer a goodwill among the locals that you respected them enough to learn and converse in their language.

3. Try apps like Rosetta Stone, Duolingo and many others.

4. Try to at least learn to say Hello, Good morning, Good night, Thank you and Please. If nothing, at least, research and download some apps that will translate your language for the other person and their French for you.

These are unprecedented times. But, we can already see some light at the end of the tunnel. With little to no distractions, we now have that precious time to actually break off our regular routine and do the things we always wanted to, including prepare for and plan our next trip. We hope we have given you some innovative and helpful ideas.

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