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By Wander Team | 3 minutes read

Hey Wander! We're waiting for you!


What are you waiting for? Why are you so late?


That's just a few questions being asked us recently on a regular basis. And while we usually strive to provide answers to each inquiry, we'd like to share here a few thoughts concerning our upcoming plans on starting operations, partially adapted in response to the global pandemic emergency.







Worry not, we're still alive and fully engaged in bringing you the best possible experience on Wander! 2020 has taken a serious toll on us, by disrupting the entire tourism ecosystem and travel industry, as well as all travel related enterprises. As a result, we felt the need to send a strong response to it and counter-attack by taking every necessary step and due diligence in order to ensure our ever-growing subscribers waitlist to fully enjoy their user experience with Wander.


This is why we have decided to take some more time in order to deliver a better final product, by making sure that as many people as possible will be able to soon engage again in traveling activities such as city sightseeing, backpacking, hiking, and more, and, as a consequence, more people will be able to find their ideal travel partners through our upcoming mobile platform.



Long story short, when will Wander be up and running?



As of now, we are not able just yet to claim accurate time estimates regarding Wander going live.


  • Hey! Does this mean that we still need to wait for years?


As we are working hard around the clock to get started as soon as possible, we can be quite confident that we'll be taking off by the very beginning of the new year. Hold on a little longer and stay tuned for more to come!


Meanwhile, feel free to subscribe our waitlist and we'll get back to you with an email notifying you about the launch.



Again, thanks for your patience and looking forward to see you soon on Wander!


The Wander Team


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