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Wander Blog - A deeper look at the Wander app

With the Wander app, you'll be able to instantly connect with other people who plan to travel to the same destination(s) as you over the same dates. Whether you’re backpacking solo, going on a short vacation with friends, or simply exploring your own city, anyone can use Wander to find others to join them! Users are able to create their own trips for others to join, or to search for other people’s existing trips and request to join those themselves.

Find travel buddies with the Wander app

Create your traveler profile

Build your traveler profile and stand out by posting your best travel pictures!

Find travel buddies with the Wander app
Find travel buddies with the Wander app

Join individual and group trips, or create your own

It’s entirely up to you. You can request to join individual travelers on their trips, larger groups that have already been formed through the app, or you can choose to create and post your own trip for others to join!

Find travel buddies with the Wander app
Find travel buddies with the Wander app

Easily plan your trip

Easily get in touch with those you match with and plan the remaining details of your upcoming trip together.

Find travel buddies with the Wander app
Find travel buddies with the Wander app

Manage your past and upcoming trips

Monitor and modify your upcoming trips in an organized location, with the ability to remove yourself from someone else's trips where necessary.

Find travel buddies with the Wander app

Share your trip with like-minded people

Group 37

Search worldwide travelers

Use the global Wander map to search for other people heading to the same place that you're planning to visit over the same dates, and join them through the app.

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Join others' trips or create your own

Decide whether to create your own trip and let other people request to join you, or find existing trips and request to join those yourself.

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Plan trips with your group

Once you accept others to join your trip or have been accepted into other trips yourself, you’ll be able to plan out further details of the trip together.

Building the Wander community

Our mission is to connect world travelers and tourists alike, making Wander a worldwide marketplace and community. We are keen to make the process of finding people to travel with a simpler one, through the building of an international community. We believe that traveling (be it a backpacking trek or a week-long beach vacation) is the ultimate way to connect people from around the world and their cultures - and that's why we want to have you join us.

By joining Wander, you'll have access to a worldwide community of people sharing the same love for travel. Making friends and connections whilst on the road can be both a challenging and time-consuming experience; a lot of the time, we rely on pure luck to cross paths with other like-minded travelers. Here at Wander, we believe that finding someone to travel with should be an easy, fast and enjoyable activity. Whether you're a solo traveler, part of a larger group, traveling domestically, or traveling internationally, you can use Wander to get in touch with new friends and share your future adventures with them. You don’t even need to be traveling in order to use Wander; perhaps you have a free weekend and want to hang out with tourists to show them around your city! Join Wander’s travel community and be ready to find others to make new memories with, all around the world.

"Heard about an app which provides opportunities for travelers to explore and meet people around them that can usually strengthen friendships. Wander looks handy and easy to use. The app to be launched could become a must-have for my journeys. Can't wait to use it!"


Hiedie Dumagay


"This is literally what i was looking for. Nowadays it is way too easy to get in touch with someone to date or meet on apps and web platforms, but relatively hard to find the right travel buddy for my trips. I'm quite confident this app will successfully connect travelers around the world."


Rick Schroeder


"I subscribed immediately to the Wander waitlist. Awesome!! My heart beats for this already, even I haven‘t seen it yet. There is so much sense and huge value within. Hope Wander will launch very soon, can't wait to share my traveling journeys with new exciting travel buddies around the world!"


Hannah Amstad


"The Wander app is a great idea. I travel frequently and finally i'll be able to immerse myself into a real traveling experience by joining other people. My next travel mates will be met on Wander!"


Dakota Verrico


"As a solo traveller i have been often in situations where finding someone to travel with was kind of nightmare. There is  some magic in the Wander concept of connecting with other people. In my 20's i was doing lot of WWOOF and backpacking and is really similar to the user experience that Wander is describing in its app."


Erik Deslin


Bringing world travelers closer.

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