A deeper look at the Wander app

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Wander Blog - A deeper look at the Wander app

This year 2020 in a nutshell

One more year has come to an end. And while for the vast majority it's been a quite troublesome one, riddled with financial struggles, career shutdowns, business bankrupts, and Covid health crisis, for many others instead it has paved the way to personal and enterprise development and success, fostered by permanent changes in our daily routines such as remote work and advancements in biotech and medical fields.


Here at Wander, we got mixed feelings triggered in part by our upcoming launch, and in part by recent changes in International travel and transportation regulations enacted by worldwide governments to fight off Covid spread, which indirectly and temporarily affected us and our vision to connect world travelers as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Wander Blog - A deeper look at the Wander app

So, what's so special about Wander?

We started Wander with the hope and the expectations to make the world a more connected place for everyone hanging out visiting somewhere, be it a local trip or an international itinerary, young and olds, families and solo travelers, or groups. Thus, we realized we had to think about a flexible yet easy solution that would suit and accommodate every kind of users' needs and preferences. That's when we came up with the current Wander User Experience, which includes some interesting features such as:


The ability to connect with people from several backgrounds/cultures/countries, heading to the same spot you're visiting, and connect with them and enjoy the traveling experience together;

Choosing whom you want to join, or who wants to join your trip, by prescreening users that want to connect with you, and according to search criteria like individual or group trips, and their respective age;

The opportunity for literally anyone in the world to benefit from it: solo travelers or groups, families or couples, and people from every gender and age.

What are the steps required to enjoy a fun and unforgettable trip?

1. Download Wander from IOS App Store and Google Play Store when it's live;


2. Sign up by creating a user profile and filling in useful info about you, such as bio, pics of you exploring the world, languages that you speak, and much more;


3. Tap on the top search bar, enter the destination you're visiting, and filter out your user search according to few criteria and whether you're looking to join just one person, or a group that is being created through Wander; then tap on "Show checked-in users"; Trips that have been created an no one has joined yet will appear on Individual search results, whereas trips that consist of 2+ members (that is, have been joined already by someone) will appear in Group search results.


4. When the app shows you the search results, feel free to select and check out as many as you wish. If you've selected Group search results, you'll be able to see the trip creator's profile, every member's profiles that have joined him/her, as well as details about the trip given by the creator - and decide whether or not it is a good fit or send them a request to join. Instead, if you wish to join only one user for now, just tap on "Join a person" button;




Wander Blog - A deeper look at the Wander app


5. You'll need to wait for them to accept you into their trips. If they feel that you're a good potential match and accept your request, all their trip details will be available on "My trips" panel; at this stage, chat feature with the trip creator will be enabled, allowing you to sort out every single detail of their trip, including hour and exact place of meeting, as well as getting to know each other better.


6. At this point, you might wonder: "What if i'm the one wanting to create a trip somewhere?" You can indeed do it and let other users request to join you, just as you do with them. And there are multiple reasons why one might want to do so - let's suppose, for instance, that no search result appears for the place that you have chosen to check in (because no one has checked in there just yet); in this case, you might wanna be the first one creating a trip at that place, so that later users will be able to see your check-in if they search for that specific destination and send you a request. Or maybe, you feel like existing search results are not the best match for your needs; if so, it perfectly makes sense to be a group creator, so that you'll get the chance to filter out every request that has been sent to you according to their profile. There are also a lot of added benefits in creating a trip: you'll be the one in full control of your own group, and you can even decide to remove a member after you have accepted it, for whatever reason it might annoy you. You can even decide to stop new requests sent to you at all.



Wander Blog - A deeper look at the Wander app


7. That's it. Enjoy your trip with fellows from all over the world 🙂


Wishing you a 2021 full of adventures and experiences,

The Wander Team

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