3 astounding coastline
areas to visit in 2020

Wander Blog - 3 coastline areas to visit in 2020

By Sherazade Palma | 5 minutes read

Wander Blog - 3 astounding coastline areas to visit in 2020

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Travelling is an eternal experience, a road under the sunset, a sandboard cutting the dunes, a sailing boat on the ocean… Travelling is the best part of our lives, the greatest adventure we are called to live. A journey is a path we follow, wherever the destination will be you will discover new things you did not even think they could exist or be there. From the moment you breathe the air of another country, you will never be the same person again; your mind will acquire more knowledge, your horizons will expand becoming endless.



In a country different from yours or in a city different from your hometown, you will discover how people’s mind is modelled according to the uses and customs of that place. Food will have new tastes and flavours while the colours will assume new shades. A journey is something that we can’t survive without because if you didn't travel you never really lived. Sharing your journey is sharing a dream, and the main question of each traveller is: who should I travel with? Many times, you will find yourself alone on getting into a new adventure.


 2020 has been a tough year so far. The Pandemic had affected the entire world, closing each country and without the possibility to travel from a country to another. Luckily for enthusiastic travellers, travel is slowly starting up again. Restrictions are still there, telling us how to adapt to the situation.  Travelling is still possible; you only have to adjust to the restrictions suggested by the governments. Being extremely careful about the safety and hygiene precautions will help you keep a safe journey and reach the destination without any fear. The respects of the government procedures include sanitizing your hands, wearing a face mask, maintaining social distancing whenever possible. So, admiring natural landscapes such as beaches and islands it can still become real this summer. We are going to propose you quiet and adventure destinations, wild beaches and less common locations which are going to be less crowded, so perfect for these times. Completely different in culture, history and kind of beaches they offer, the English and Albanian coast share the same adventurer spirit which offers the traveller a great opportunity to feel free in front of the vastity of the sea. During a Global Pandemic like Covid 19, some countries are still closed but others have opened their borders and travellers can have access following the government measures.  Here is what we recommend from Wander!



1. Jurassic Coast, England

Wander Blog - 3 astounding coastline areas to visit in 2020



Starting from Orcombe Point you will discover the famous Jurassic Coast which stretches for 95 miles. The site includes rocks from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods but it takes its name from the best known of the geological periods. The Jurassic is famous for its marine habitats and dinosaurs. Walking on the coast there still are fossils of Jurassic aged marine life. The Jurassic coast is a World Site Heritage.


Come to England and discover Dorset main highlights!





Corfe Castle;


■ Durdle Door;


■ Lulworth Cove;


■ Poole.


Running across the coast, beautiful and huge cliffs stand out over the sea. A mysterious shadow is created by the alternating colours: the green grass, the cloudy sky with flashes of the sun, little stairs which lead down to Durdle door or go up towards the infinity of Lulworth Cove. As the first town at the Eastern end of the Jurassic Coast, Swanage is a famous tourist destination with award-winning sandy beaches and connected to Poole, accessible across the Sandbanks Ferry.


Poole is also a coastal town in Dorset famous for being the largest natural harbour after Sydney. Here Kait surfing is really popular due to the shallow water.


Built as a Saxon fort, Corf Castle ruins stand out on the top of the hill. Down the castle, the natural view offers an amazing English countryside and a small village in Purbeck stones.


Keeping running across the coast, the wilder site is Durdle Door which has one of the best beaches in England, looking up at the cliffs while swimming in the clear water it is a real adventure. From Durdle Door there is a walking path which takes around 35 minutes and leads to Lulworth cove. The cove is one of the world’s finest examples of such a landform. It attracts many tourists who come for swimming or to enjoy the small village with local shops and restaurants.


2. The Albanian Riviera



Also known as Bregu, the Albanian Riviera is a coastline along the North-eastern Ionian Sea in the Mediterranean Sea. Albania offers long white beaches and a very hospitable population. It is a recommended spot during the Pandemic, as less crowded and famous compared to the well-known European beaches and islands but equal in beauty.


Here a list of 5 main spots of Albanian Riviera:


■ Dhërmi situated in the middle of the mountainous coastline in the region of Vlorë, has one of the most famous beaches in Albania. The gravel beach is long 1 km and 50 metres wide with white rocks and blue water;


Palasa is the first accessible beach on the Riviera and guests a village close to the Llogara National Park;


Ksamil is also a village part of Butrint National Park which guests 3 islands in the turquoise bay perfect for swimming or a trip by boat;


Bunec is the undeveloped spot on the Albanian Riviera. The pebbly beach is divided into 2 parts by a stream running down from the mountains;


Himara is a bilingual town situated in Southern Albania, populated by an ethnic Greek community. Rolling hills overlook a white stone beach.



3. Queensland uncontaminated beaches



A completely different atmosphere is waiting for the most adventurer travellers in Australia.  Difficult to travel at this time due to the Pandemic, Australia closed its borders except for Australian citizens or residents but we strongly suggest to visit one of its beautiful states as soon as the Pandemic will be over.


Queensland islands and beaches remind the freedom and wildness of England but in a completely different weather and shape. 


Sunny for most of the year, the state of Queensland has stunning and uncontaminated beaches.


Landed in the capital of Brisbane and driving across Queensland you can bump into 5 beautiful beaches:

Nudey Beach , Fitzroy Island, considered a paradise island swimming and snorkelling are the most popular things to explore the beach, here it is possible to see turtles in wild.


Tangalooma Beach , Brisbane. Only 75 minutes from the capital Brisbane, it’s famous for its bright water and golden sand.


Whitehaven Beach , the Whitsundays so popular to be voted as Australia’s best beach.


Palm Cove Beach , Tropical North Queensland. Seen by many as Australia’s cleanest beach and plenty of palm trees.


Rainbow beach , Sunshine Coast. The peculiar name comes from the coloured sand cliffs made up of over 72 colours of sand that add the rainbow to the beach.



So, what are you waiting for? Sandy beaches and clear water are waiting for you. Meet your Wander fellow and travel together across England, Albania, and Australia!

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