Why do people like to travel?

By Wander Team | 7 minutes read

Wander Blog - Why do people like to travel?

Human beings are a special species created by Mother Nature. We do not simply live our lifespan and make way for the next generation, just like all the other species in this world. We are hungry, not just neck-down, but neck-up as well, to gain knowledge, to explore, to discover, to create beautiful things, to expand our horizons. Many people have this innate need and desire for fulfilling a purpose in their life. Nature has blessed us with brainpower, something completely intangible and unmeasurable called intelligence, and that powerful energy keeps us looking for more and more growth. A man without vision shall perish - we have heard this. This thought is true. We all need a purpose, we all need a meaning for our lives. And this quest for something more keeps us exploring.


People who have the opportunity and desire to travel are looking for that extra, that something more that will help them understand this world a little more. The world is vast, and we are tiny. But the desire, the energy that we share helps us expand beyond our wildest dreams. There is so much to learn in this world, so much to experience, and so much to impact.


We, the human species, need to move, need to create, need to help others, need to be around other humans. There are so many races, so many different cultures, so much history, so much varied beauty around us to experience, that we feel enriched when we travel. We are always gathering information, did you know? Have you made a conscious effort to think about it? We are always in the collecting mode, the brain is always working since the day we are conceived. We are always looking at our experiences, segregating them, organizing them in our minds, and learning from them. This is our way to feed our minds. This is healthy food for our brain.


Let's look at some reasons why traveling is such a desired activity by so many.

1. Confidence.


Wander Blog - Why do people like to travel?
Self-worth, self-reliance, confidence whatever words you have in your vocabulary, will work. When you decide to travel, you make plans, you look at the options available, places to visit, and figure out your expenses. These are life skills you learn, and you transform yourself into a resourceful and confident human being.

You are capable of making decisions, sometimes even the wrong ones, because that leads you to make mistakes, own those errors in judgement, learn from them, correct your course for the future and make better decisions next time around. Decision making is a risky business, and you become comfortable with making decisions. You are not afraid anymore.

You are exposed to new places, new people and experiences. Maybe you navigate your way through a busy city, order a meal, communicate with strangers, even when you do not speak the language. These are small, little things you do that have big effects and help boost your confidence.


Many people who are shy and introverted by nature have been able to open up, step out of their comfort zone and grow their personality. Interestingly, you also get to recognize yourself the more you open your eyes to possibilities. Getting away from home affords you the time and space to let your mind wander from responsibilities and take stock.


2. Learning.


Wander Blog - Why do people like to travel?
We learn so much more through personal experiences than in a classroom or library reading books. Grab on each of these opportunities with both hands. You may meet people who leave you positively inspired. Universities around the world realize the importance of effective learning this way and offer many semester-abroad programs.


When you are traveling, you are open to adapting to new and foreign environments. You learn to be flexible and open to changes.


You learn about new places, cultures, traditions, languages, religion, people, society and so much more. This is one of the strongest reasons to travel, to expand your perspective. What influences people all over the world to live their life like they do? What is the thought process? Learning about the history, their art, the local architecture and their cuisine. You can read all of this too, but, cultural immersion by visiting the place leaves a deeper and lasting impression. Traveling is like a crash course, covering everything from history to sociology. Every destination has something unique to teach an individual.


Outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, and enjoying nature have a very positive effect on your body and mind. You also gain a chance to explore other interests like photography, painting, reading and writing.

3. Feeling of freedom and being alive.


Wander Blog - Why do people like to travel?
There is something very unique you experience when you travel, especially alone - a sense of freedom. The feeling is unbeatable.

When you are busy in your daily life, you lose sight of what you truly possess. Your eyes fail to see what's special in your life, your family and your home. Sometimes, stepping out gives you a fresh appreciation for your home, your town, even your country. It makes you realize, really understand, that, indeed, there is no place like home.


Shared experiences bring people together, strengthening relationships. A fun long weekend spent traveling with family, or a romantic trip can strengthen and build important and memorable bonds.

When traveling, in addition to savoring the beautiful landscapes and stunning architecture, it is the people you meet along the way that touch your heart and change your approach towards life.

4. Stress-Relief.


Wander Blog - Why do people like to travel?
It is such a de-stressor, it's fun and a brilliant way to divert your mind towards adventure and a lighter tone to life. Those who recognize this, love the feeling, almost like an addiction, and want to keep themselves in a fresh mind all the time, and travel all the time.

There is a relief in understanding the different lives from your own. It broadens your mind, it pushes you into a better state of mind than the stressful, disturbed one. Traveling makes people realize that they are still alive and life is worth so much more. We allow ourselves the opportunity to change.
Nature intended it! This is a fun take on travel….


Understand that humans, as a species, are meant to move, to travel, to look for opportunities. Otherwise, we would have roots, instead of legs.

Have you ever wondered why we have eyes in the front? Because if we had eyes in the back we would only be seeing ourselves, leaving our birthplace, our comfort zone, and will never be able to move on. We have eyes in the front, so that we can see the distant landscape drawing closer, and we move forward towards it. We have eyes in the front, so that we can see the backs of people in front of us, and muster strength and motivation to catch up to them, again to move forward. You see, we, as a species are explorers and the most spread out ones on the planet. We've investigated the deepest oceans of the Earth, and out into space to the Moon, and way beyond it into the solar system now...Mars.

We prove it time and again with our history of exploring, that humans are meant to travel and not be stagnant. Before we travel we make plans, because as you know sometimes, travel can be uncomfortable, things can go south way too quickly, unexpected things can happen, all your fears can come true. But that doesn't stop us. We forge ahead, because we are filled with the courage and passion to explore.

Wander Blog - Why do people like to travel?
Traveling offers us a strong sense of self, we are no longer confined by our beliefs or of others. We truly become free, we become honest to ourselves and realize that we are not all-knowing. We start to see things with a new perspective, we get more positive and we start to embrace the things we thought unpalatable.
Coming back home, there is a sense of achievement. We feel refreshed and ready to tackle our routine world. We find a welcoming aura once again in our home. Although, after a wonderful experience, we find everything the same as we left, as if our home remained frozen during our time away, we still feel everything is new and changed, and then we realize it's us who have truly changed.

We, at Wander, want to leave you with the words of J.R.R Tolkien, “Not all those who wander are lost.”

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