What values do we acquire when
we visit new places?

By Wander Team | 7 minutes read

Wander Blog - What values do we acquire when we visit new places?

Every time we head to somewhere new, a whole lot of new feelings pervade our minds. We start to experience new emotions that else we can't feel during ordinary routine tasks. And, the more places we explore, the more people we get in touch with, the more we're affected by such a mood. Ordinary life has got most of us in one or two places at most for the good part of our lifetime. We get up from our comfy beds, head to work, come back home, spend a few hours relaxing, or with family and friends, and then wave goodbye to the day and go to sleep. Eat, work, sleep, repeat.


What marks most of people's lives is a lack of new stimuli that make every sentient being worth of living. We're constantly saturated by boredom, dullness, by a modern society that teaches us that the terms discomfort and new are to avoid; while comfort zone is our best friend.


Now, for someone, this lifestyle might be more than enough for them, and they just get along happily with it. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. At the end of the day, all that matters is the pursuit of our interior fulfillment. Others instead, are just left wondering: "Is this all that we're up to in life?" while a feeling of emptiness suffuses their minds. And when someone starts to realize this, they'll just try to revise their priorities in life - according to their newly set expectations.


Indeed, there is no shortage of scientific evidence that suggest that trying something new/ visiting somewhere new may be more beneficial to mental health than previously considered - for it challenges our brains to deal with new decisions and impulses. Moreover, it forces out to learn new skills and dealing with situations that else we normally wouldn't have to deal with. Let's take a look at some of the proved benefits and advantages of experimenting with new places and circumstances.


1. We learn self-reliance.


Wander Blog - What values do we acquire when we visit new places?

Nothing screams independence more than a trip to a place we've never been before. As we're forced to take over our weaknesses and flaws in order to make space for the thrill and excitement, we learn how to count and rely on our forces to do it all. After all, we wouldn't make it back home else! 


Self-reliance is a fundamental skill that has the power to impact the way we deal with every kind of circumstances that might arise.


Apart from strict emergency situations, self-reliance teaches us all those life tricks and hacks that are critical to us. It teaches us that we have all that it takes to survive hardships and moments where everything might get out of control. 


2. We learn how to deal with new situations.


Wander Blog - What values do we acquire when we visit new places?

The more experiences and activities we partake, the more we know how to have control over them. When heading to a foreign country, for example, we might get into out of the ordinary situations: learning how to drive on a different road system, learning about new ways of connecting to people due to cultural barriers, dealing with hard communication attempts with locals, doing more than expected physical exercise to get on top on the top of that hill where everyone posts pics on social of that breathtaking view.


New circumstances drive us to think outside of the box: there's always a solution to everything, and the key to that is to learn to adapt to everything it may happen down the road.

3. We acquire sense of direction.


Wander Blog - What values do we acquire when we visit new places?
One more skill that we obviously acquire when getting to explore new locations is sense of direction. Meaning that, by building up travel experience, we will become just more and more used to rely on our direction instincts in order to fully enjoy our trip, and avoid wastes of time. Getting lost in a place that you've never been before might sound like a nightmare, but as soon as we go through this a few times, learning where to go and in which spot exactly we are just becomes a natural process. We will also learn that technology can be our ally on this, by making wise use of GPS and maps to our advantage.


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Mastering direction skills can take some time, but, once we go through the initial stages, we might enjoy the benefits for long time, and we learn how not to be afraid to explore even the wildest spot on Earth.


4. We are pushed out of our comfort zone.


Wander Blog - What values do we acquire when we visit new places?
Aah, comfort zone. That magic almighty word that almost no one can't get enough of. The ultimate goal that we all aspire to. Who wouldn't want to live a comfortable, stable, safe life, far away from risks, uncertainty, and grief? On the other hand, it can also be a double-edged sword. It has the power to impede our personal growth, to let us stop attempting to achieve more in life, and make us stop pursuing what we're really in search of. In fact, many times when we're exploring the unknown, we're letting a part of ourselves push out of our safe haven. This often translates in us fighting to satisfy our basic needs.


From getting to find the nearest public restroom in city to struggling to get enough drinkable water or protein sources in the most wildest remotest spots on Earth such as deserts or isolated places, we go through many discomforts and uncertainties whenever we're heading towards new areas, as we do not have primary resources readily available with us. We all should get to deal more with getting uncomfortable once in a while, if not to grasp basic human survival concepts.


The more we are faced with discomfort, the better we learn how to survive critical conditions.


5. We acquire critical thinking.


Wander Blog - What values do we acquire when we visit new places?
A critical thinking and an open minded attitude are what makes us more acceptable as human sociable beings.


By getting to see new places and ways of doing, we'll determine that there's often more than one way to look at a certain thing. We'll understand that our own personal point of view is not everything that matters. We'll get to appreciate different thinkings and opinions. We'll learn that every single thing in this world has to be appreciated for its uniqueness. We'll start to make comparisons of those landmarks with others that we have checked out before. And, most importantly, we'll look at the world and its people inside from a humbler standpoint. Hence, traveling to new frontiers helps us see the world through different lenses.


6. We learn about new places, cultures, and stories


Wander Blog - What values do we acquire when we visit new places?
The longer for explore, the more places, people and the stories behind them we discover. This not only contributes to enrich our cultural baggage, but it'll also help us understand that our home/city is not the only and most beautiful place in the world. We'll find out how breathtaking landscapes, amazing scenery and places to visit, and the persons around them, are equally spread across the world. And, why not, we might even find our perfect spot in the world where we feel we belong to, and where we want to settle down permanently. We'll be left wondering: "how did we go for so long without ever seeing this before?"


New environments help us get in touch with different realities of this world, and they'll help us have a better understanding of how worldwide societies have progressed throughout the course of the history.

7. We befriend people who otherwise would be out of our personal reach.


Wander Blog - What values do we acquire when we visit new places?

In the modern world society, getting in touch and making friends with perfect strangers from all around the world has never been easier, thanks to social media and the progress of social tech. All what it takes is reaching out through a friend request or a direct massage. However, more difficult is indeed trying to make friends with these people in real life. As they live so far away from us, it might easily become a daunting task. It also goes without saying that making friends online is nowhere near as meeting up with them.


Traveling to a foreign place means taking advantage of this opportunity to break the ice with locals, and, why not, even to try to learn a different language, at least the very basics. We'll experience firsthand how a conversation between two or more individuals living in completely different environments can turn into the friendship of their lifetimes. You can take our word for it!

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