Top 5 locations with the most
breathtaking beaches in the USA.

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Wander Blog - Top 5 locations with the most breathtaking beaches in the USA.


It is summertime in the USA, and there is the COVID-19 threat looming in and around the country. Still, people have found their solace and sanity in the outdoors, especially enjoying the sun, the cool breeze and the cold waters on the beaches. With restricted access to water sports at the beaches, people are enjoying the limited water activities in the lakes and oceans of the country.


There is magic in the ocean, with the waves splashing, advancing and receding in its ebb and flow. It gives mankind that necessary break from the mundane quality of life. The waters and the sand have attracted several locals and tourists alike to its shore.


The country of the USA is spread over a vast area, with the Pacific Ocean at its west to the Atlantic Ocean at its east, and several large and small lakes in between. Obviously, there are a variety of breathtaking beaches along the coast. Today, let's explore some of the most gorgeous and popular beaches in the United States of America.



1. Hawaii


Wander Blog - Top 5 locations with the most breathtaking beaches in the USA.


  • Hands down, the beaches on any of the islands of Hawaii take the top spot.


  • The island of Maui offers a good mix of all the islands of the Aloha state, talk of wildlife, beaches, traditions or history. When in Maui, one cannot miss the world famous Wailea Beach, and the Kaanapali Beach with its spectacular, sprawling shores and blue-green waters. You can snorkel and experience ocean life ( variety of fishes, turtles, and corals), or enjoy the absolutely wondrous views of the dormant volcano Haleakala. The unique combination of shiny black sand with lush foliage makes the Waianapanapa State Park an absolute must-see.


  • The Poipu Beach, on the sunny coast of the island of Kauai, is actually two beaches separated by a tombolo, a piece of sand bar. One side is shallow waters and hence the name Baby Beach, and the other much deeper, offering all kinds of water activities. Anywhere you point your camera, you will get an amazing calendar-worthy capture. On a fortunate day, you may even get a glimpse of the sunbathing Hawaiian monk seal.


  • The famous Waikiki Beach or the Hanauma Bay Beach in Oahu, and many more, offer views of all the islands of Hawaii, surrounded by craters, and volcanic sand, lush and unique wilderness and of course, the warm turquoise-blue ocean!


2. California


Wander Blog - Top 5 locations with the most breathtaking beaches in the USA.


  • Smack in the middle of San Diego and Los Angeles, the world-famous Laguna Beach offers long, spread-out sand and rocks. Keep walking along the Pacific ocean, and you will find seaside bluffs, tide pools and even caves.


  • Then, there's Malibu with its many beaches like the Zuma Beach, Malibu Colony Beach or the Point Dume State Beach. With much to see, from the vast mountains to the affluent mansions, there is something for everyone.


  • Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur of Northern California, is probably most photogenic with its sharp yet stunning cliffs, and historical rock formations. The tide pools are worth making a trip at sunset, so is the iconic Keyhole Rock.


  • Half Moon Bay is a beach town, a driving distance of about 30 miles south of San Francisco. It has a bunch of small beaches, and it is definitely worth a hike through the California Coastal Trail to view all the beauty of these beaches in its full magnificence. Starting in the north from the Dunes Beach to Francis Beach in the south, you have to visit the beautiful shores to fully appreciate the full beauty.


  • We cannot leave without paying homage to the quiet, calm and scenic beaches in Monterey and Carmel Beach. Point Lobos State Park provides unequaled diving opportunities.


  • Huntington Beach, famously nicknamed Surf City, offers best conditions for surfers, so head on to the beach for some beach volleyball, or a bonfire after a perfect surf.


3. Florida 


Wander Blog - Top 5 locations with the most breathtaking beaches in the USA.


  • Cannot forget the famous party beach - Miami Beach. Everything here is built to cater to your needs. Outdoors, you will find gyms, playgrounds, pavilions, and of course - nightlife after sunset.


  • Sanibel Island in Florida is perfect for romantic getaways, or a family vacation. You can soak up the warm sand under your feet looking for seashells, or "shelling" as it is called in Florida. Access nature trails to a scenic shoreline from the Lighthouse Beach Park, or go swimming at the Tarpon Bay Beach.


  • Naples in Florida offers fine dining and high-end shopping along with some of the best beaches. You will find clear and quiet waters for swimming and snorkeling at the Delnor-Wiggins State Park, along with kayaking, paddleboarding at the Lowdermilk Park. Enjoy unbelievable sunsets and fishing opportunities at the Naples Municipal Beach.


  • Then, there is the city of Destin, located in the Florida Panhandle, with its famous white sand beaches, popularly known as the world's luckiest fishing village. The most world famous island in the Florida Keys, Key West offers an eclectic getaway with its shops, bars and performers. Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park provides awesome snorkeling opportunities in clear blue-green waters. Smathers Beach at the heart of Key West offers a whole range of water sports, and food trucks. 


4. North Carolina


Wander Blog - Top 5 locations with the most breathtaking beaches in the USA.


  • Beaches in North Carolina span a couple hundred miles. Families can enjoy these beaches because of the sheer amount of space.


  • If you find yourself interested in fishing and boating, head over to the shores of Hatteras Island.


  • Enjoy sunbathing, swimming, surfing or skimboarding in the waves at the Kitty Hawk Beach as well as the Kill Devil Hills Beach. Take a boat ride to Bald Head Island and enjoy long stretches of untouched, clean beaches. South Beach is perfect for swimming because of its calm waters, while the East Beach offers perfect waves for all kinds of water activities. Camp on the sand or go shelling at the North Beach


5. New York


Wander Blog - Top 5 locations with the most breathtaking beaches in the USA.


  • Most affluent travelers use this beach spot, about 100 miles northeast of New York, for cooling off their summers.


  • Cupsogue Beach County Park in Westhampton Beach, Coopers Beach in Southampton and Main Beach in East Hampton are exceedingly popular and a must-see.


  • Cape May in New Jersey offers beaches that are very family-friendly with restrooms and restaurants. Do not forget to visit the Sunset beach, the calm Cape May Point and the Cove.


There are so many gorgeous beaches spread around so many locations in and around the US. Other states like Maine, South Carolina, Texas etc.,  offer many gorgeous beaches to explore and enjoy.


Surrounded by the ocean on both sides, the USA offers unique experiences with two of the major water bodies on this planet. Wherever you are in the USA at any point in time, you can easily direct yourself to a nearby beach town to enjoy the sun and the sand. 

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