Some of the Covid-safest countries
to be in 2021

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Wander Blog - Some of the best safe-to-visit travel spots to kick-start your 2021


With 2021 setting forth, China is currently taking the lead on Covid-19 prevention measures, with only a minimum number of new hotspots spread around the country.

A look at potentially safe destinations

One more year, one more empty chapter in our lives to fill with new experiences and memories. During this incoming new year's first quarter, a handful of countries are seeing a spike of new Covid infections, amid dozens of new strains being discovered on a daily basis, and health safety measures violations. Leading the top charts in new daily contagions and deaths are the U.S., followed by Brazil, and the E.U..


Nevertheless, some regions are doing better than others at prevention. And while we still DO NOT recommend international travel at this time and stage for your and others' safety, we can certainly assume that there are places out there where the risk of getting Covid sick is rather low. Let's get a deeper look at some of them:

1. Laos

Wander Blog - Some of the Covid-safest countries to be in 2021


Although this nation bordering Thailand and China has been among the first to get hit, it remains one of the few to have successfully managed and contained new infection cases, thanks to tight regulations, strict citizens discipline, and early check-ups. Boasting only 41 total cases, as of January 24th, since the beginning of the epidemic, and having all of them recovered since, that's currently one of the best spots to hang out in.

2. Tanzania

Wander Blog - Some of the Covid-safest countries to be in 2021


So far, 509 total cases have been identified since January 2020, whose 183 have fully recovered, 21 have died, and 305 active cases spread all over the country. That's not to say that it's not a low number, however, if we have a look at other same-sized nations, we can assume that Tanzania is a safer spot to be in at the moment. For all the ones that are there already, a lot of attractions are still possible and open to public, such as the world famous safari tour.

3. New Zealand

Wander Blog - Some of the Covid-safest countries to be in 2021


Thanks in part to a full country closedown, and by having the Pacific Ocean as natural border protection, New Zealand has been left almost unharmed by the havoc the pandemic has wrecked around the globe. To-day, with only less than a dozen cases reported daily, it is still one of the safest locations. Rumors claim that NZ government, under the guide of prime minister Jacinda Andern, is reportedly willing to extend the incoming international travel ban until further notice, most probably till around next year.

4. Taiwan

Wander Blog - Some of the Covid-safest countries to be in 2021


Depicted by many as the most successful country to prevent the Covid-19 spreading, Taiwan's success against fighting off the virus has been due in part by being an island and not having land borders; by taking aggressive steps and a zero-tolerance policy towards shutting down early initial hotspots; and by getting the most population to comply with the most basic hygienic rules (rule of thumb is, many Asians see it normal to wear a face mask when hanging out at anytime). The total cases counter currently stands  at 889 , with only a few handful of new cases registered.

5. Tuvalu

Wander Blog - Some of the Covid-safest countries to be in 2021


This tiny archipelago in the middle of the Southern Pacific Ocean, not far away from the then-protected UK territory Tonga, boasts a fully covid-free experience to its guests and tourists. It is in fact the country in the world with the less overall cases of Coronavirus. And here's the stat: there has been only 1 confirmed case since the outbreak, which has recovered. If you're into tropical heavenly views, friendly natives, hot weather, stunning white sand beaches, and a zero stress environment, then that's the place for you. Just hope on a plane and be ready to explore its natural wonders! 

6. Western Sahara


If you're into desert-related outdoor activities or hiking, this might be your best bet. The disputed region of Western Sahara, partly controlled by the Morocco government, has not been severely affected by virus outbreaks, so far with only 1 active cases as of January 2021 (only 10 have been recorded in total). It is a safe bet to assume that its local inhabitants and tribes rest assured that they can sleep safely at night, by knowing that there's a very low chance that covid will somehow severely impact their ordinary lives. Nevertheless, it's a remote region of the world that we recommend visiting once we get rid of all travel restrictions.

7. China

Wander Blog - Some of the best safe-to-visit travel spots to kick-start your 2021


The place where it all started, and eventually the place it has been the fastest to be prevented. China has been so successful in preventing the spread of the novel virus that, by the end of March 2020 already, in fact, just a handful of covid-19 hotspots had been left to treat. Even though the Mainland has to be blamed for such an uneventful happening, as of today it stands as one of the best spots to live and not get overly stressed and worried about risking to get infected.

8. Turkmenistan

Wander Blog - Some of the best safe-to-visit travel spots to kick-start your 2021


Unknown nation by many, this landlocked state in the middle of Central Asia seems to deny any piece of information about Coronavirus-related data. And while we could assume that the chances that it has not been hit at all are slim to none, having a look at demographics and population density probably suggests that the country is not particularly struggling to keep up with healthcare measures and containing the spread. Thus, even though we can't 100% claim that it is the safest spot in the world as of now, we assume it is doing quite better than others.

Either you decide to get back on the road as of now or not, we ALWAYS recommend you to listen to local news before departing, take all due steps and precautions, as well as wear a mask, wash your hands multiple times a day, and limit group contacts and hangouts. Also, we strongly advice to limit all non-essential duties as of January 2021.


This said, in case you're ready and willing to go all in, stay blessed, have a nice wandering, and do not forget to subscribe Wander waitlist  🙂

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