Recording travel memories of
your Pandemic Times!

By Wander Team | 7 minutes read

Wander Blog - Recording travel memories of your Pandemic Times!

The signals began to be visible somewhere around November 2019, when WHO reported the outbreak of the coronavirus in China. As we all know, the virus traveled all over the world, and like many other countries, the USA went into lockdown mode in March 2020. As time went by, many ideas sprung up, with tiered control of opening cities to a limited movement, different companies around the world began to work on the vaccination initiatives, and people were asked to use the latest advances in technology and work from home. We are in May 2021, and there has now been a mass distribution of the vaccine in most countries, but still, we have a long way to go in ridding ourselves of this deadly virus, with herd immunity.

Wander Blog - Recording travel memories of your Pandemic Times!


During this one year period, we have come up with innovative ways to entertain, to enjoy our families, to learn to be comfortable within our small unit, to keep safe, and to still create precious memories that have the potential to be remembered and repeated oft-times in the future. In all honesty, we have a duty to remember and record these experiences for posterity, it is a unique scenario after all.

How does it feel to have your life suddenly turned topsy turvy? How does it feel to lose your freedom? How does it feel to worry for everyone you hold dear? How does it feel to live enclosed within your little family unit in a capsule all day, everyday? What did you learn about yourself, about others, about our human race? How did you come up with new ideas to remain sane? Did you travel locally? Where did you go? Did you get a head start this time around with those ever pending daily walks? Did you have some precious time to hike, or to explore neighborhood attractions, that always got neglected for more exotic locations? So many questions. In spite of these days being difficult times, we would behoove you to record all the highlights and lowlights of your personal and family activities, hobbies and work memories in some form or other. Here are a few ways to do that-




Wander Blog - Recording travel memories of your Pandemic Times!


An ideal way to put a mish-mash of your thoughts, stress, events, activities and travel during these unusual times. You could do this in two ways. The regular way, hand-made, very personalized, by cutting pieces, pictures, tokens, charms etc and glueing them together. For those who are more tech-savvy and prefer an easier method of putting different types of media together, create a digital scrapbook. Maybe even try a monthly approach. How did you go through the different stages of Coronavirus denial? Have you reached the stage of acceptance? Capture all the me-time, the work from home time, the online school time, the home transforming into an office slash school during the day, with every member picking a corner to make zoom calls, and back into a home in the evening. Attach pictures of the tall mountains hiked, the long park walks, the sunsets, playing fetch wit

Album of Photos


Wander Blog - Recording travel memories of your Pandemic Times!


This is another unique way of putting your photos together. Whenever you travel to a local grocery store, or a nearby location that you've never visited, or go for a long drive, or see flowers blooming in the spring sun, take a whole bunch of pictures. Organization is made so much easier now with Google Photos or Amazon Photos. Invite other family members to collaborate, and share their pictures in the same, common album. It will be such a collection of happy moments, sad moments, worried moments, celebration moments, we bet you will be very happy you did this. This could be another unique way of sharing graduation photos, or engagement pictures or even traveling to a nearby city to visit family, in case you are already vaccinated.

Writeup in a diary/ journal


Wander Blog - Recording travel memories of your Pandemic Times!


You are experiencing a plethora of feelings right now. Reach into yourself and write down your thoughts. When you made that decision to step out of the house every morning, and go for those 4-mile daily walks, what are you thinking? Do you feel fresh? Do you feel there are too many people on walks these days? Do you feel sad that there are no more hand-shakes or hugs anymore, when you greet someone you knew? Or Do you realize that the morning walks actually calms your mind? Do you hear the birds chirping, do you see the occasional wildlife? When you hike at a new, unexplored location, does it make you happy? How often do you actually open your phone these days? Has your screen time reduced? Why? Why aren't the gadgets as attractive anymore? You go to a bakery or a cafe, do you feel comfortable when someone comes a little too close? All of these are usual thoughts these days for most of us, record them, so you can look back and revisit these lost feelings.

Visit local areas


Wander Blog - Recording travel memories of your Pandemic Times!


We have been pretty much stranded at home, and it's understandable that you would want to step out of your home and make some interesting plans, safely of course, and maybe in the local area. Maybe an outdoor activity. Explore areas that have been untouched by you. Why are they untouched? Well, because they are local. Maybe you orchestrated a camping plan at the local national park. And it is refreshing. Take pictures, write about it, talk about it with your friends and family. Post videos on social media, share your excitement. Maybe make a short road trip to your best friend's home, stay in your car outside, and have a nice chat with them right outside the home. Capture these moments. You will look back and pride over how innovative you have been. 

Capture family time


Wander Blog - Recording travel memories of your Pandemic Times!


Do not take this for granted. True, you are getting plenty of family time right now, but realize that this is temporary. Life will slowly creep back to being the way it always was, and you will miss this time. Be thankful. Capture sweet moments with your children, bake with them, take them biking, go for a hike, and talk. Talk about all the things you never had a chance to before. Enjoy with your pets, set them free to run in the dog park. Spend time with your significant other, and get to know each other a little more, make an effort to help each other, make an effort to play together, laugh together. If you have elderly parents living close by, talk to them and rescue them from their loneliness. Share your activities with them. And record all this, take pictures, make videos. 


We understand that this was not the traditional topic of a travel blog, but then again, these are unique times. We travel differently, we are communicating differently. And though, this is a temporary situation, and things will go back to normal, it may never be the same normal. And that's alright.

We will learn, we will adapt and we will change. The only constant is change, after all.

We are doing things we never did before or hesitated, like working from home, connecting with our physicians through online collaboration tools, looking at private air taxi service and so much more. As the world changes and communicates differently, the travel industry will change too. Travel does not necessarily mean flying to far-off places, it is travel when you drive to nearby beaches, or spend a good day by the lake. Record these moments, save them and share them. Make an account of these precious memories!

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