How to be economical on your
hotel stay while traveling ?

By Wander Team | 5 minutes read

Wander Blog - How to be economical on your hotel stay while traveling ?

Travel is often a way for people to take a break from routine life. But when traveling, especially internationally, we tend to go overboard with our budget. Obviously, it is time to chill and not worry about small little extra expenses along the way, what happens though, is that you come back to your home with your pockets empty, or even worse, in debt.

This is not an ideal situation, you want to relieve stress while on your vacation and stay stress free as you return into your regular routine.

Everything adds up though, the airline tickets, hotel stay, food and activities; and it is too late before you comprehend how bad the situation has gotten. We have a few ideas for saving on your stay wherever you go. Want to hear them? Keep on reading. 


Construct a budget and follow it with extreme conscientiousness.


Wander Blog - How to be economical on your hotel stay while traveling ?


If you plan this summer to visit an exciting location like Paris..that you have always dreamed of going to...that doesn't mean it's ok to splurge and come back loaded in debt. It is very important to be conscious of the budget while planning as well as on your trip. Include every little expense you can think of. After your basic requirements have been met, and you still have some money left, you can now think of some comforts and conveniences. Or maybe you don't care much about the hotel or the room you stay in, all the fun is in the activities and the sight-seeing. Or if you want to visit some exquisite restaurants, maybe cut down the expenses related to your hotel stay. So plan your budget, and then plan your individual expenses, and then most importantly, stick to it.


Travel off-peak season.


Wander Blog - How to be economical on your hotel stay while traveling ?


Hotels are most expensive in the peak season. If you can manage it, and you are flexible with time, try traveling in the off-peak seasons. You will be able to enjoy the luxury of the best of hotels at less price. So, take advantage of that. Not only will it be cost efficient, you may even have 50% discounted rates, you will also avoid the crowds that travel during the peak seasons. Visiting theme parks, or even sightseeing becomes easier with less crowds. Maybe bid on a hotel with Priceline. Book through Hotwire, and your room rates would go down further. 


Look to stay a few miles away from downtown. 


Wander Blog - How to be economical on your hotel stay while traveling ?


Just following this one idea will save you a significant amount of funds. Heart of a downtown will always be expensive to live in, maybe even twice as compared to the hotels located at the outskirts, just a few miles away from the center of the city. Look at what nearby places or sights you plan to visit, and find a hotel that works in close proximity for most, and yet allows for some distance from the center, and that would save you tons. Then again, figure out the upsides and the downsides. Do a quick research on the public transportation system Vs driving by yourself (any parking charges) and decide what works best. A walkable distance from your hotel to the attractions might even be preferable. Also, sometimes visiting the same hotel you stayed earlier helps, mention this fact, and hotels will jump at the chance of repeat business, you may get a better rate than earlier, or even an upgrade. Also, try calling the hotel directly when booking a room, you will get better rates than going through their 1-800 number. 


Look at package deals and alternatives to stay.


Wander Blog - How to be economical on your hotel stay while traveling ?


Expedia has package deals where you can acquire cheaper airfare, hotel, and car rental together, and you can enjoy savings of hundreds of dollars. Also, all these major travel sites offer loyalty program memberships, which you can use to enjoy rewards. As an alternative to hotels, you can think camping, or an RV. Another option that's becoming popular is house swapping - you are traveling to Paris, and someone from Paris is traveling to New York, which is your home. If dates of travel match up, other considerations aside, you might want to look into house swapping. When considering package deals, be careful with additional entertainment packages like spa services, romance packages, golf packages and more… and in such cases, you may not be saving really. Research all these things, and then make the decision to buy.


Many times, just focusing on planning early, researching a bit more into various options like hotel amenities, fees, and area within the city, will help with best prices for your stay. Also keep on the lookout for rewards, coupons and discounts, even at the airport, and again...stay tight within your budget, and you will not only enjoy savings, but definitely will not break your bank when you get back. You can enjoy your trip stress free, and you can come back to your regular life and continue to be stress free. Is that an awesome idea or what?

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