Do-not-miss places to tour
while in the city of San Francisco

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Wander Blog - Do-not-miss places to tour while in the city of San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the Northern part of the state of California, in the United States of America. Set on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, it is always windy, with cooler temperatures, and a fog hanging over the city. But, it is also the most happening city in terms of its cultural attractions, its scenic beauty, its world-class cuisines, its diverse community and of course, its reputation as a technology hub.

San Francisco Bay Area is also called the Silicon Valley, because of the huge technological innovations that sprung up in this area. Big name companies have made their home here, and people dare to dream, and change their lives here.

If you are visiting San Francisco, there are some vistas that are of an absolute do-not-miss kind. And that, dear Wanderers, is what we are here to identify, and to make sure you find this city as magical as you have always heard.

1. Golden Gate Bridge


Wander Blog - Do-not-miss places to tour while in the city of San Francisco



This golden-orange bridge is about a mile-and-a-half-long suspension bridge, connecting the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.


Because of its massive and gorgeous structure, it has over time become a symbol of San Francisco, and is definitely the most photographed and most talked about feature of San Francisco.

At the time it was built in 1937, it was considered a piece of an engineering marvel. It definitely has stood the test of time, and is the pride and glory of San Francisco. 


There are multiple things you can do while at this bridge - obviously, drive through the bridge, take a walk along the bridge, and feel and enjoy the ocean winds, while clicking away some memorable pictures, or get information to climb the top of the bridge. The last one is a guided tour, that you can find information about as you park in the area around the bridge.


At both ends of the bridge, there are recreation areas, and you can reach out to the information center about the activities to be had in the area. 


There are also beaches like the Baker Beach to explore while there, you could easily take a hike along the nearby areas, and you could also go exploring some of the quaint, yet beautiful small cities nearby like Sausalito and Tiburon

2. Golden Gate Park


Wander Blog - Do-not-miss places to tour while in the city of San Francisco


Absolutely breathtaking, and huge, around a 1000-acre open park, Golden Gate Park is the home to a lot of visitors. Actually, maybe we should include the locals in this number as well. 


The park is completely free, but there are always multiple, interesting events happening within the area, it could be art exhibitions, tandem biking, segway tours and what-not. These and many other events are extremely popular, and may charge you for admission, and we would recommend you definitely try a few. 

Some attractions for those who want to enjoy the outdoors are the beautiful Japanese Tea Garden, the Tulip Garden, Shakespeare's flowers, or the Botanical Gardens. 


For those who would love to engage in physical activities, there are hiking trails, biking along the long park, and horse-riding as well. 

3. Alcatraz Island


Wander Blog - Do-not-miss places to tour while in the city of San Francisco


The Pacific Ocean boasts of extremely cold waters, humans cannot survive for long, and some distance away from the city shore, stands a small island - the Alcatraz island.


This island is built like a fort, it used to be a maximum security prison, a jail for the most notorious criminals. Today, it simply is a tourist spot, but you will hear stories about American tolerance, justice, and deadly escapes bounce off you, while you walk the halls and the prison cells. 

There is tons of history here on this small island, and we invite you to get a feel for the environment when visiting the city. The experience is surreal. 

4. Fishermans Wharf


Wander Blog - Do-not-miss places to tour while in the city of San Francisco


Call it a popular neighborhood, a waterfront and busy tourist area, filled with dining options including seafood, and many other attractions. 


It is mainly known for Pier 39, a shopping center, built on the pier. While here, the happening atmosphere in this most popular attraction, latches onto your spirit.

While here, do not miss the Ghirardelli Square, the Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not Museum, the Wax Museum and the Cannery Shopping Center, and the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park


Walk along the waterfront, and enjoy the ocean breeze, and the noisy sea-lions and sea-gulls along the way. 


Enquire about the cruises in the area, and maybe even make a visit to the Alcatraz Island through a short cruise. 

5. Lombard Street


Wander Blog - Do-not-miss places to tour while in the city of San Francisco


If you look at the terrain of the San Francisco Bay Area, it is set in a valley, surrounded by tall and looming mountains. Visiting the city will confirm that for you.


There are streets between 30 - 45 degree angles, and you will see cars parked sideways with hand brakes on, so as not to slide off the street. The houses are also built at an angle, and if you are a pedestrian, some of these steep climbs will give you quite a workout. 


Lombard Street is a one-way street, angled at 27 degrees, surrounded on both sides by beautiful landscaped houses, and is called one of the most crooked streets in the world. This is because of the eight sharp and hairpin turns, while you drive down the street.


It is quite a popular attraction to visit and enjoy the thrill of going down the street in your own vehicle.

6. The Palace of Fine Arts 


Wander Blog - Do-not-miss places to tour while in the city of San Francisco


The most epic and monumental structure, built in 1917, is a huge monument designed for art exhibitions


Today, it serves as a location for film shootings, private galas, corporate events, trade shows, exquisite art exhibitions and much more. 


The architecture of the built structure transports you into the yester-years, and the scenic beauty with the surrounding lakes and the gardens, creates an aura where the most non-creative person would find creativity.

7. Union Square 


Wander Blog - Do-not-miss places to tour while in the city of San Francisco


Want to experience exquisite shopping, dining, theater and opera, do not miss the Union Square in the heart of downtown San Francisco. 


This is also the area of the government, the central financial hub, and the place to comprehend the culture of San Francisco. 


The most enjoyable night life, alongwith outdoor light shows and more, make you realize the full urban experience of this famous city.

8. The Seven Sisters


Wander Blog - Do-not-miss places to tour while in the city of San Francisco


Seven most colorful homes, sitting together, one beside the other, as if attending a tea party. They are actually private homes, but because of their popularity, they have also become hot properties. They are many times, also called the Painted Ladies.


These are beautifully manicured, Victorian-era styled, expensive homes, that attract people from all over the world.


These homes have also become iconic to the city, and you will find many postcards of San Francisco with the Seven Sisters proudly displayed.

We leave you with an interesting piece of history.

People migrated to this part of California in search of gold. We have all heard of the Gold Rush. But did you know, Levi Srauss actually created the jeans here for those workers.

With that, fellow Wanderers, open and use this list when you visit the beautiful city of San Francisco!

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