7 tips to travel post vaccination

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Wander Blog - 7 tips to travel post vaccination

Planning to travel again after vaccination?


7 Tips to make it safe and fun.

The WHO and health authorities around the world have worked extensively to create vaccines and the distribution of them to the vast population. More and more people are getting vaccinated on a daily basis, and now, rightly, thinking of traveling. According to experts, the travel industry will see a huge boom post-COVID. People have spent pretty much a whole year cooped up inside their homes in order to stay safe, connecting with friends and family through video calls and working on their laptops from home.


Short-term, it was an important, life-and-death situation and so, we did what needed to be done. Long-term, though, this is disastrous and toxic for the sanity of people. Humans are social animals, we need interaction with fellow humans. We need to be free, a basic right that has been compromised during this pandemic. But, we all did it, knowing that the situation was temporary, knowing that we all needed to stand together as one against this calamity. With the continued success of vaccinations and its distribution, we feel confident and are able to see a tiny light at the end of the tunnel.

Understand, though, that we are still not out of the jungle. We have simply found a way to finally be free. As we slowly step out of our homes, make plans to visit friends and family, make plans to just travel for recreation and holiday, or just to celebrate that we can now again move in the world freely, do not forget to take precautions. We have put together a few tips and ideas to help make your travel plans even more enjoyable and worry free. Believe it or not, the world has changed forever, and will never be the same as before. Think of it as progress and growth, think positive and build plans catering to the new world. Paying attention to changes in the travel advisory will simplify your travel and make it easier.

So, you are completely vaccinated. That's awesome! Congratulations!

And, are you ready to travel?


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1. Don't just be packed and ready to leave as soon as you get your final dose. You are still not immune. Stay safe indoors for at least another 2-3 weeks, before your body has absorbed the vaccine and is really ready to fight against the disease. This is a virus that mutates and creates new variants, and each variant spreads faster than the last. Much is still unknown, will your vaccine be able to protect against new variants? Do not let your guard down yet.


2. Check for infection related news in the area that you plan to travel to.

What is the rate of infection at your destination location?

Gather information from people who have traveled from your location to your destination locations. What are the regulations? Any issues they had to face? Anything you could do to prepare better?


What are your logistics of travel?

Are you traveling alone ? With family? With children?

Are you visiting with elderly people? Check if you need to get everyone in your group tested before coming in contact with them.

Whether you're traveling domestic / international, for work/ leisure, make sure to check the route and the rules and regulations in the area.


Wander Blog - 7 tips to travel post vaccination


3. Don't forget to mask up wherever you go. So many people wear masks, albeit wrongly. Understand that masks are a means of two-pronged safety.

Covering your face with the mask will keep you from transmitting your saliva to your surroundings, and possibly causing infections.

Covering your nose will save you from getting infected by the virus particles around you.


Wander Blog - 7 tips to travel post vaccination


4. Make sure you still maintain the social distancing guidelines.

Watch out for instructions from authorities as you journey through the airports, and outdoors as you utilize taxis/ shuttles/ ferries.

Use sanitizers as often as you can, they are available in abundance everywhere.

Make sure to avoid shaking hands, be respectful and yet, keep the distance.


Wander Blog - 7 tips to travel post vaccination


5. Make sure you carry your vaccination cards that you received after your vaccinations.

Many airlines and other travel agencies are coming up with something called the Vaccine Passport, which will basically have all the details related to your vaccine captured digitally, and you will just need to remember to plug that in before booking travel tickets.


Within the US, we are allowed to travel after full vaccinations without getting tested beforehand or stalled for testing at either locations or even quarantining.


But, it is important for all of us to understand our duty towards humanity. All the health professionals and authorities are working hard to ensure safe travel, and we can make it easier for them and us by simply doing our small part. Make sure you look up the requirements and regulations in your area as well as the area you're traveling to, and have it all ready and taken care of before you actually travel.


Wander Blog - 7 tips to travel post vaccination


6. Vaccines for children below the age of 16 are still not out.

It is generally thought that children do not catch the disease easily, and even if they do, they may not be extremely sick with it or even asymptomatic. But they can be spreaders, in fact they are thought to be the biggest reasons for spreading the infection. So, be very careful when traveling in a populated area, for instance at the airport. Be wary of allowing little children around elderly people, especially.


Also, it needs to be understood that there are cases where children have been infected with the disease, and developed extreme complications that they now ought to live with throughout their lives. Also, there is no evidence, but there is some worry of carrying these complications to the next generations as well. So, be aware and keep your children safe and healthy.


Many companies have already started working on vaccinations for children, for example, Pfizer is conducting tests already and we should have those out soon enough, somewhere around 2022 according to experts, so we can have our little ones safe and sound as well.


7. Include the necessary sanitizers, extra masks, and gloves in your packing list this year.


Wander Blog - 7 tips to travel post vaccination

Herd immunity, meaning most of the population is vaccinated, is the only way to control this pandemic. We must all do our part, and do it well, not only for ourselves, but also for the generations to come. We have all been patient with the process so far, a little more will go a long way. At least, now, we are slowly gaining back our freedom to get out of the home-cages that this pandemic has created, and step back out into the open world and explore its beauties. Get our peace and tranquility back. Just be vigilant, and soon we will force this awful virus to recede and enjoy life to its fullest again.

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