6 things to keep in mind when planning
the itinerary for your next trip.

By Wander Team | 7 minutes read

Wander Blog - 6 things to keep in mind when planning the itinerary for your next trip.

Many of us have our daily routine figured out. Majority of our days are spent at work, and evenings at home. For youngsters, their days are spent at school. Many times, one needs a break from this rote and ordinary lifestyle, and find something to relax, and not stress about bills and daily mundane activities. This break can come in the form of a vacation. Oftentimes, we have realized that despite spending the majority of our lives at work/school and home, the memories that stay with us, what we recall as good times, are those small little snippets of time when we were on a vacation.

Time spent together, happy and stress-free, is time well spent. There is so much more to a trip, than just a break from mundane life. It is time spent in solidarity with yourself, mind and body. It's an exchange of knowledge, an exchange of culture and the appreciation of the vast world outside your little world. 

Although a vacation can be fun and exciting, the planning of it can get stressful for some. Fortunately, we at Wander, at your rescue, with a step-by-step guide to planning a fantastic holiday, and creating that perfect itinerary that works in your favor. 


1. Duration


Wander Blog - 6 things to keep in mind when planning the itinerary for your next trip.


It is extremely important to figure how long of a trip you wish to make. This decision can depend upon several factors. Maybe you have a 2-week spring break from school, or your children have that break, and so, you want to plan a trip during this period. Maybe you have taken a sabbatical and want to travel the world. Maybe there is a destination wedding in the family, you want to attend that for a day, but for the rest of the week, you want to explore other interesting cities in the area, so maybe that's a weeklong trip. Maybe you are on a business trip to Australia, and you decide to travel with your family, extend the trip another two weeks, and make it a 3-week long trip. Whatever your situation or reasoning, it is definitely important to figure out the total duration of your travel. Once you have decided on how long your travel will be, you can then move on to figuring out the best time to travel.


2. Time of travel


Wander Blog - 6 things to keep in mind when planning the itinerary for your next trip.


You may be limited by your dates, in the case where your travel dates are dependent upon external factors like spring break, summer break or winter holidays. In such cases, we would recommend, know them early. Start talking about this travel idea with the family, maybe a year in advance. Check the interest level. If everyone is fired up, start planning the next steps. In the case where you are flexible with your dates, and are not bound by any restrictions, we would recommend thinking according to the best season that works for you. Start exploring places available in the season of your choice. Again, connect with whoever you plan to travel with. Check their interest and if the dates work for them. Once all of that is figured out, you can then proceed to the next step of deciding the location that's exciting to you. 

3. Budget


Wander Blog - 6 things to keep in mind when planning the itinerary for your next trip.


Now that you know how long you wish to travel, and the approximate date, and you also have your family excited about the trip, it is important to figure out your spending capability for this out-of-the-box expense, even before you decide where you would like to travel to. Tap into your resources to estimate the possible expenses, and come up with the best number that you are willing to spend. Factors that help with this estimation could be any of all of the following. Are you traveling domestic or international? Are you camping or staying in a 5-star resort? Basically, you need to create a financial plan, according to the comfort level you desire while on this trip. And, most importantly, stick to the budget as best as you can.

4. Destination


Wander Blog - 6 things to keep in mind when planning the itinerary for your next trip.


Now that you have a budget and a time in mind, look for locations that fit the bill. This is a vacation, after all. So, start with the one place you always wanted to visit. Say, visiting the pyramids is one of those items that's on your bucket list, and you really want to do it before you turn 40. This is just an example. There are many tools on the internet that will tell you the approximate cost for a week long trip to this location. You can also find a list of probable, nearby locations to cover as well. If the location does not fit into your budget, or the season is not right to travel, choose the second best for everyone, and so on and so forth. Choosing a destination that excites everyone traveling, takes away the stress from the work involved in planning for the trip. 

5. Documentation


Wander Blog - 6 things to keep in mind when planning the itinerary for your next trip.


With the high level concepts already in place, it is important to look at travel requirements. Check regulations and look for any new information circulating regarding travel. Make sure that the passports of everyone are in order, airlines allow travel only if the passport is valid for more than 6 months, including the date of return. So, contact the local embassy for any travel documents that need fixing. Figure out visa requirements. Do not forget any travel or medical insurance that you might need. Also, nowadays, it is important to make sure you carry your COVID-19 vaccination details with you. You might have to make some visits to your healthcare provider for every member traveling. Kids under the age of 16, might need to get flu shots or anything else that is deemed important by your physician. 


6. Logistics


Wander Blog - 6 things to keep in mind when planning the itinerary for your next trip.


With all that in place, now it is time to make bookings. Book your flight tickets for the main travel, as well as any other internal or extra, short flights you might need. Wherever you need them, have your rental car ordered, download the Uber app on your phone if you haven't already; and depending upon the country of travel, you might need to download the local ride-share app. Look for hotels or AirBnB that work with your budget, do not forget to include expenses related to food, or any other amenities that you plan to use at the hotel. Make a shopping list for whatever you might need while traveling, again as an example, do not forget bug repellent, sunscreen etc., if you are traveling to see the pyramids. We would recommend you take some time planning out your luggage, this way, you will not miss the essentials, and will still be able to travel light enough. Figure out logistics related to work or school, ask for help from your good neighbors to care for your dear pets and plants, and to keep an eye on your home while you are away. If you have elderly parents or other family nearby whom you regularly visit, let them know of your travel plans, so they know they cannot depend on you while you are away. These are logistics, really, but believe us, taking care of all of this before you travel, will provide you with stress-free travel experience, and you are most welcome thank us later.


Hopefully, these steps will ease your travel plan so much, that they will not only help make your vacation worth it, you will be left yearning for more, and soon. Our dear travel enthusiasts, keep that enthusiasm going, but remember there are things, people or pets you leave behind, and they will be there waiting for you when you get back, safe and sound; if you simply take the time to plan it well.

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