5 destinations in the world that can
be budget-friendly for all travelers.

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Wander Blog - 5 destinations in the world that can be budget-friendly for all travelers.


There are those who travel with nary a consideration to a budget, and then there are those who can work with a budget to manage their travel needs. There are also some who have to properly think and plan, prepare a stringent budget, and then purposefully stick to it, if they wish to travel. All of these types of travelers, though, have one goal in mind. For them all, the experience makes it worth-while. They have this intense desire to get out of their comfort zone, and they all hunger for more .. memories to make, knowledge to gain, cultures to learn, see the world…. Whatever it is they value, they permit themselves to open their mind to the magnificence of it all.


There are a few locations that can be extremely low-cost, and we wanted to highlight them for anyone looking for these options. In our experience, almost any place in the world can be visited on a tight budget with some tweaks and some strict planning. Also, if you are willing to live like a native once you are in the area, that alone will save you a ton of money. This has the extra advantage of being able to participate in the ways of life of the local society.


1. Thailand


Wander Blog - 5 destinations in the world that can be budget-friendly for all travelers.


Thailand gets overpriced the more you proceed towards the southern part of the country. The resorts on the southern beaches provide fantastic experiences, but are for those who have less constraints on their budget.


If you establish yourself in the northern territories of the country, that is you move further inland, every amenity is significantly cheaper. You will see a stark difference in accommodation costs alone. That is not to say you cannot visit and enjoy the southern tourist attractions, of course you can! Make a day trip out of it. But lodging yourself in the popular, yet cheaper, Chiang Mai or the Pai regions, will not only render you affordable prices, but also present you with amazing prospects, with their scenic and large, spread-out rice fields, the tribal locality and the Buddhist temples. With lots of chances to hike the mountainous wilderness, these regions are nonetheless like a slice of paradise for anyone.


You could rent motorbikes for daily mobility in and around the area, if you are comfortable driving them yourself, or you could ride-share with a couple of friends. It is not too much work to find hostels for as low as $5/night, or hotels with swimming pools for $30/night in these areas.


2. India


Wander Blog - 5 destinations in the world that can be budget-friendly for all travelers.


India offers the best for all kinds of travelers. With its prosperous and diverse cultural background, its etiquettes and traditions, its history of the many monarchies and dynasties, there is an extraordinary opportunity to explore awaiting anybody, from absolute luxury travelers to the most tight-budget backpackers. Food, especially vegetarian food, and if you are open to trying the flavorful cuisine, can be extremely economical.


Every state in India presents you with unique experiences, because each state has its own tradition, its own native language, and its own demographically variant and scenic beauties. Starting from the freezing and towering Himalayas in the north, to the romantic Taj Mahal in the heart of the country and the capital city of Delhi, to the green and balmy beaches in the south, you can appreciate a plethora of varied experiences in weather, languages, local dressing style and food.


The most basic accommodations could be for as low as $10/night at a guesthouse.


3. Romania


Wander Blog - 5 destinations in the world that can be budget-friendly for all travelers.


Romania can be a great bargain, with its medieval villages, delightful towns, and many activities that can be pretty much free. It offers anyone the most desired Europe travel experience on a budget. There are walking tours available to several historical sites and ancient churches, and you can enjoy hikes through the expansive Carpathian mountain ranges. Sprawling parks around the area serve for relaxing and people watching. And of course, how can we forget to visit the famous Count Dracula!


Everything is low-cost in these areas, you can eat a hearty breakfast at your hostel, and later enjoy a filling lunch at restaurants. Cook delicious dinners at home with fresh groceries from the local market, this can save you some much-needed cash. Hostels can be as low as $10/night, and you could easily find a stylish B&B for $30/night.


4. Greece 


Wander Blog - 5 destinations in the world that can be budget-friendly for all travelers.


Greece will require a little extra planning, because Greece can be expensive during the peak tourist season, which are the summer months of June through August. Plan a trip before or after these months, and you have won yourself a lot of cost-savings. Flight and accommodation costs cut down significantly during off-peak seasons, and these are usually major costs when you travel. You can go island hopping, but keep it to a minimum.


Also, cook meals yourself because eating out can get expensive. You can enjoy home-cooked picnics at their gorgeous beaches. Scooters can be rented, or do a ride-share. Expect around $10/night for a hostel in Greece in the off-peak months. 


5. Mexico


Wander Blog - 5 destinations in the world that can be budget-friendly for all travelers.


Mexico is the homeland of folklore and adventures. The country is immensely colorful in its heritage, and has the most tempting food choices.


Although locations like Cancun are much in demand during the peak season, it is very low-cost during the off seasons, and also much less crowded. In general, though, Cancun beach resorts are cheaper than resorts in Hawaii.


Again, you have to be aware of crime in certain areas. But, it is easy to travel within Mexico on a budget. Try exploring the happening Mexico city, move on to Oaxaca, and then to the Yucatan Peninsula. If you are on a tighter budget, explore the Chiapas, and its dense forests, fresh waterfalls and the world-famous Mayan ruins.


Public transportation is good, but moving between cities can get pricey. Enjoy the spicy and tasty street foods in Mexico, along with warmth in hospitality from the locals. You can easily obtain shared living quarters for $10/night


Being able to travel to the well known and touristy areas is an awesome opportunity. Many times, though, some of the locations less traveled give you that flavor of the land that some might crave. Immersing yourself into the local culture, actually feeling one with nature, creates a sense of purpose, as if witnessing the vastness of the universe.


You build memories when you travel, you absorb new traditions, you get a glimpse into different lifestyles, and this gives you a novel perspective into your own life. Travel also affords you that much needed break from a mundane and routine life, and refreshes your soul, empowering you to return and play your part towards the growth of humanity.


Travel is for all, and everyone should experience it, by using whatever resources available to you smartly, and stretching them to make them work for you.

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